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domingo, julio 25, 2021


NEW! "Rachel" Hair by MINA Hair. Available at Uber (July 25th- August 22th 2021).

- Rachel is an interactive hair, it reacts to SL water and to the included Aquasense HUD. The hair is also compatible with Salt&Peppers Aquasense clothes.

- There are 3 different color huds available; Natural, Ombres and Highlights. The Naturals come with 77 different hair texture choices, and both Ombre and Highlights have 84 beautiful colors from which to choose. All three have an accompanying Colorpicker to fine tune the colors to your liking.

- There are 2 head size options (1 normal and one bigger for bigger heads).

- Kupra and Petite chest versions are also in this pack!!

- Materials Enabled.

- Fitted Mesh Hair.

Taxi: Uber

Taxi: MINA Hair Mainstore (Demo Available).

"Indira" Bikini by Apple Blossom. Available at Mainstore.

- 30 Colors / 10 Patterns on Bikini Options included for mix and match.

- Color Hud Available comes with Fatpack Only.

- This release is compatible with Maitreya/Petite and Legacy/Perky.

Taxi: Apple Blossom Mainstore

"Mermaid Cup" by BROKEN ARROWS. Available at Mainstore.

- Individual Color or Fatpack.

- HUD with 18 Lid and Straw Colors.

- Bento Hold Pose included.

Taxi: BROKEN ARROWS Mainstore

Other Items:

- Beach Bums Chair (Chihuahua) by JIAN.

-  Drinks pool by dust bunny.

- Keliana Sunbathing Towel by Trompe Loeil.


viernes, julio 23, 2021


NEW! "QUEENIE" Necklace by Orsini Jewelry. Exclusive at The Inithium Event (July 18th- August 8th 2021).

- Compatible with Maitreya, Legacy, Inithium and Belleza.

- Texture Change HUD for Metals and Diamonds.

Taxi: The Inithium Event

Taxi: Orsini Jewelry Mainstore

NEW! "KIMY" Ring Bento by Orsini Jewelry. Exclusive at BIGGIRL by Flair For Events (July 15th- August 10th 2021).

- Compatible with Maitreya, Legacy, Inithium and Belleza (Left and Right Hands)

- Texture Change HUD for Metals and Diamonds.


Taxi: Orsini Jewelry Mainstore

NEW! "Kundal" Earrings Fatpack by PROMAGIC. Available at Mainstore.

- Rigged for Lelutka Evo X Human & Elf Ears.

- HUD Controls: 6 Gemstones, 2 Pearls and 2 Metals.

Taxi: PROMAGIC Mainstore

Hairbase by Lelutka Evo X.

It's a Good Day to be Happy

jueves, julio 22, 2021


NEW! releases at The Epiphany (July 15th- August 12th 2021).

Taxi: The Epiphany

"Your Lovely Maid" Gacha by HIMEDREAM

- Rigged for Maitreya and Legacy (Chest Sliders disabled on dresses).

- Headband and Shoes includes a texture Change Hud for the ribbons.

- Only Fatpack is modify!!

- RARE includes HUD for color change off Dress, Apron and 2 Ribbons. 

"Fresh Summer" Gacha Set by BROKEN ARROWS

- 10 Common (No RARES).

- Hand Pose included.

"Mimi Cat Animesh" by SEmotion Libellune

Lily wears "Summer Fae Gacha" for Lelutka Evo X,  by Pity Party and tram K0525 Hair.

My hair is "ANNE" HairStyle by KUNI. Available at Mainstore (NO EVENT).

Cute Palacio Backdrop by The Bearded Guy.

The Kitchen is The Heart of The Home

miércoles, julio 21, 2021


NEW! "Mediterranean Kitchen Gacha" by KOPFKINO for The Epiphany (July 15th-August 12th 2021).

- The set contains 15 Commons and 1 RARE item.

- The RARE is the kitchen counter with a texture change for the curtain (7 different textures) and the tiles (5 different textures, hide option).

- The Exclusive is a special design variation of the fridge.

- All gacha items are available as a Fatpack (copy items) as well.

Taxi: The Epiphany

Taxi: KOPFKINO Mainstore

Other Decor Items:

- "Dining Set" by Nutmeg.

- "Kitchen stuff" and "Panel curtain" by Ionic.

- "Hodgepodge - Breakfast Clutter" and "Hodgepodge - Dirty Dishes" by Tres Blah.

- " Farmhouse Flair - Mortar and pestle", "Farmhouse Flair - Utensils tray", " Farmhouse Flair - Picture", " Farmhouse Flair - Clock white", "Farmhouse Flair - Towel Rail" by KOPFKINO (Old Gacha).

- "Coffee mill" by Old World.

- "Kitchen Scale" by 22769.

- "Hibiscus Flowers Orange, Potted" by Lucas Lameth.

- "Hanging bougainvillea plant . yellow" by hive.

- "Spider plant" by vespertine.

- "Blooming Farm Kitchen Stuff- Jar Blue" by Serenity Style.

- "Uxua Paradise - Natural Rug" by Pitaya.

- "Plates White" by Your Dreams.

- "Plates stack" by Tabou.

Be a light for all to see

martes, julio 20, 2021


NEW! "Sheesha" Earrings Fatpack by PROMAGIC. Available at Cosmopolitan Event (July 12th-24th 2021).

- Rigged for Lelutka Evo X Human Ears & Catwa Style 1.

- HUD Controls: 10 Gemstones and 3 Metal Options.

Taxi: Cosmopolitan Event

Taxi: PROMAGIC Mainstore

Me gusta estar donde puedo ser

lunes, julio 19, 2021


NEW! "Kimber" Hair by RAMA Salon. Available at Collabor88 (July 8th-August 6th 2021).

- Two packs available: Natural and Colors. Each have 100 colors, there is also a Styler Hud (Animated Styler HUD Sold Separately).

- A new sizing system is now available in 4 sizes for Lelutka Evo, Lelutka Evo X, Catwa Pro and Genus. There are also 4 sizes for the chest: Petite, Medium, Plus Size and Kupra.

- Hair Bangs unrigged and resize.

Taxi: C88

Taxi: RAMA Salon Mainstore (Demo Location).

NEW! "Deelane" Set Jewels by Orsini Jewelry. Exclusive at ACCESS (July 12th-August 8th 2021).

- Necklace &/or Bracelets for Maitreya / Legacy / Inithium /Belleza.

- HUD with Texture Change (6 Metals and Coins and 12 Pearls).


Taxi: Orsini Jewelry Mainstore

"Lou Bento Ring" by Orsini Jewelry (left &/or right middle finger) for Maitreya, Legacy and Inithium with Texture Change Hud available at Mainstore.

NEW! "Trixie" Ribbed Crop Top by Little Fox. Available at ACCESS  (July 12th-August 8th 2021).

- 16 Colors.

- 8 Extra Fullpack Colors.

- Fitted for Legacy/Perky, Maitreya, Belleza Freya and Kupra Original.


Taxi: Little Fox Mainstore

Pool Day

jueves, julio 15, 2021


NEW! "Candice" by Belle Epoque. Available at The Itty Bitty Titty Committee (July 9th-23th 2021).

- Updated for Maitreya/Petite and  Legacy/Perky.

- 50% OFF!!!!

Taxi: IBTC

Taxi: Belle Epoque Mainstore

NEW! "Orange Fresh" by BROKEN ARROWS. Available at Anthem Event (July 3rd- 30th 2021).

- Content Tray, Dispenser, Drink and Drink W/Straw.

- Hand Pose Included.

Taxi: Anthem

Taxi: BROKEN ARROWS Mainstore

"Steph Float" also by BROKEN ARROWS. Available at Mainstore.

"Pacifica Lounger" by CHEZ MOI. Available at Mainstore.

- PG an Adult Versions. This Set comes with 90 animations in the PG version and 156 animations in Adult version.

- Automatic Rezzing Props – attaches when an animation is chosen.

- Control by menu and Adjustable Poses. Functionality SWAP.

- HUD with Texture Change for Pillows, Cushion, Trim and Woods.


Hair: "K0525 hair" by tram

"Mayakoba Resort 0.2" by Scarlet Creative.